Friday, August 10, 2012

Talking the Walk

We had sun today, but it was still a bit chilly and, hoo boy, windy!

Maryann, her boyfriend Lars, and I were just about to set out on a walk down the shore path when we realized that it was Dad tipped over out in the middle of the lake, getting help from the water safety patrol and police. We decided to postpone our walk and make sure he got in safely. He did. And the boat, after bailing, is safe as well. The sail, however, is at the boat shop with a big tear in it.

After that adventure, we sent Dad up to the cottage with orders to take a hot shower and we set out again for a walk. It was nice and brisk.

Last year, Roger and I were interviewed on the radio--I wrote a bit about it here--and the hour-long interview is full of all sorts of memories, including some discussion about the very shore path we walked on today.

Click here to take a listen (we come on after the host reads an essay, about four minutes in).

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