Friday, August 31, 2012

The Way Back

Riding in the way back of our Cherokee tonight to make room for three of Jack's friends, I reminisced about the time I rode for more than 2,000 miles in the back of our Wrangler without a seat.

It was part of a grand adventure Roger and I went on before Jack was born. We left the seat at home to make room for all of the stuff we thought we might need along the way. Which was fine until we met up with my sister Maryann in Tucson to take her with us to Mexico and down the Baja Peninsula.

We kept our duffle bags and put the rest of our stuff into a storage unit, then picked Maryann up at the teepee she was living in. Here she is with Eddie Bear, our trip mascot.

Both Roger and Maryann are prone to car sickness--especially on some of the crazy roads we drove on--so I got to ride in the back the whole way. Here's Eddie Bear peeking out the window.

It wasn't really that bad. I got to make myself comfortable on our bags. The only real inconvenience was when we stopped and I had to wait for someone to let me out. That was a bit awkward with all of the military checkpoints along the way.

We also got out of the Jeep from time to time for some adventure. Here is Eddie Bear kayaking on the Sea of Cortez.

And hanging out on the beach. He didn't get to come with us in those teeny tiny boats you can see past the mudflats that we took whale watching. They were darn tiny boats for watching darn big whales.

On the way back across the border into the United States, we were stopped for an inspection. Roger and Maryann got out of the Jeep and opened the back door to let me out. The border patrol agent looked at our Utah license plate, looked at Roger, looked at Maryann, looked at me, looked back at our Utah license plate, then got a little grin on his face. We got through just fine.

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