Friday, December 26, 2008

Five Quirks

Our Jack is a blessed addition to our family. And we sure love his quirks.
  • He always has to have a toy in his pocket. This has been true since he was very, very young.
  • We ask him if he's hungry and he says "no." Then not two minutes later, when he's done working on whatever project he's been focused on he says, "I'm hungry."
  • He lives his life with a soundtrack. Literally. If he doesn't have music on (usually the Star Wars soundtrack), he makes his own. At this very moment I hear him playing Legos in the other room with a friend and loudly humming The Twelve Days of Christmas.
  • He often falls asleep just as the plane is landing.
  • He often falls asleep when we've got just two pages of the novel left. (This just happened last night. We'll be finishing Island of the Blue Dolphins tonight.)

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Brookside Christmas

Last Friday Roger and I enjoyed the PTA Christmas program at Brookside Elementary. Yep, we happily live in a school district that allows that sort of thing (purely secular though--Santa, reindeer, front teeth and all that). More than 700 kids, teachers and lots of parents packed into the gym. Jack is right in the middle in the green striped shirt. 

My very favorite part of the program is when the 12 Days of Christmas are divvied up among the grades (Jack and the other fourth graders sang four French hens and ten lords a-leaping). The kids sing faster and louder on each verse until they're practically shouting on top of each other by the end. Sort of like watching an ice hockey game. Good times.

Friday, December 05, 2008

It's Not in My Head (But It Is)

My doctor called with the results from my ct scan this morning. The past couple of months of dragging through my days may soon be over! Apparently there are multiple, highly evident problems with my sinuses. 

Not that this is something to brag about (and have I done something wrong to cause this mess?). But it means there's an actual problem that I can work on fixing (and that the $75 copayment I made for the ct scan this morning wasn't for naught). It's not all in my head

Here's hoping extra strong antibiotics will cure me and I won't have to have surgery.