Saturday, May 19, 2012


I hope I'm okay posting a picture of other peoples' children here. It is from nearly eight years ago, so I think I'm safe. I just can't resist sharing it.

This photo was taken at the graduation picnic for Jack's preschool class in June 2004. He's on the far right. Nearly everyone else is concentrating on posing for the pictures. Jack is concentrating on a stick.

We actually had him enrolled in two preschools that year. He continued with Teacher Linda, who he had the previous year. We loved her because she refused to have a strict schedule. "If they had fun playing with the magnet table and they want to do it again the next day, well, why not?" she'd say. Jack responded well to that.

But we also wanted him to have a bit more preparation for the rigors of kindergarten, so we signed him up with Teacher Joyce (pictured here). We loved her because she was committed to a strict schedule. And because she already knew and appreciated Jack's imaginative spirit.

He was very successful in kindergarten.


Uncle John said...

And it appears that his success continues!

Jacqui Larsen said...

Such a glorious time!

misssrobin said...

Sometimes we underestimate the importance of sticks.