Monday, May 07, 2012

But We Didn't Inhale

When I was in sixth grade we did oral reports on various illicit drugs. I was assigned marijuana. Because I'm always looking for a more interesting angle, I decided to go to the police department to ask them some questions for my research.

A very nice officer loaded me up with pamphlets and then said he had just the thing for my report. He pulled out a little packet with a couple of tablets and told me that if I burned them, they'd smell just like marijuana. So I took them to school, along with a container and some matches, gave my report, lit the tablets on fire and passed them around the class so that everyone would know what marijuana smelled like.

If I was in sixth grade today, I'd probably just google marijuana, jot down some notes, maybe download an image or two, call it good, and miss out on a real adventure.

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misssrobin said...

That sounds like the best drug lesson ever. Seriously.