Friday, May 11, 2012


I didn't even realize I took this picture today. A serendipitous push of the button.

After taking the train into the city from Maryland early this morning, I couldn't bear to take the metro in such gorgeous weather. So, with carryon luggage in tow, I walked from Union Station to the Capitol, then down the mall and around the White House to my friend Pat's office by Lafayette Park.

I love this city. Everywhere I walked memories followed me like shadows.

The Capitol, where my friend Sara charmed an old security guard and on a whim he took us to parts of the building tourists never get to see. The sidewalk near the Capitol, where a squirrel dropped from a tree and landed on my head, probably scaring him even more than it scared me.

The Mall, where on my first day working for a federal court judge, she took me to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and we ate barbecued ribs with our fingers. The expanses of lawn between the Mall and the White House, where I played with the court softball team.

Lafayette Park, which I ran around four times (a mile) for my independent study Fitness for Life class final exam. I should have gotten extra credit points for dodging pigeons.

Did I mention I love this city?

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misssrobin said...

Nostalgia is such a wonderful thing! (You made me giggle with the squirrel story.)