Thursday, March 27, 2014

Range of (E)Motion

Today was crammed full. But in a good way. This isn't even all of it.

Morning: Class prep. Graded papers. A new class at the jail. A good group, and we're off to a good start. Scrambled to find lunch on the way to campus, but ran out of time. Relieved to find in my purse part of Snickers bar left over from the other night when I was running late between an adjunct staff meeting and meeting Roger and Jack for a concert. Ate it on I-15 (the candy bar, that is).

Afternoon: Talked about thesis statements in my writing class. Consulted with a couple of students on their research. Arrived home at the same moment as Jack and three of his friends. Realized we had an appointment to get our hair cut. Loaded all the boys in the car. Jack's friends roamed the streets downtown while he had his hair cut. He went to find them while I had my hair cut. Then I went to find them, loaded them back in the car, and headed home. Showered. Read over a graduate school application essay for a friend. Took a little break.

Evening: Hung out with my friend Shelley to give her an extra hand with her four little girls while her husband worked late. Held her littlest one for the very first time. She stuck her tongue out for me. I was honored. Ran to the jail to meet with someone who is getting out tomorrow. Headed to book club at 9:30, but the discussion was still going strong. Rejuvenated. Home in time to read to Jack. Now sleep. Yes. Sleep.

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