Monday, March 17, 2014

Not So Ancient History

Yesterday I stole my post from someone else. Today I'm recycling (a slightly edited) part of an old post from 2006. Is that cheating? Eh, it's my blog. Jack was seven when this happened. Seems fitting to re-post it in light of several heated conversations I've been following on the internet lately (and in honor of Women's History Month).


Jack and I went to see Roger in his new office today. He started his job at the BYU library yesterday and, except for the part where he has to wear a tie (!), we're all really excited for him. Everyone we met this afternoon is very happy he's on board.

On the way to campus, I explained to Jack that we needed to hurry a bit in order to meet Dad's boss because she was leaving at 4:00.

"She?" said Jack. "You mean Dad's boss is a girl?"

"Sure she is."

"But boys are supposed to be bosses, not girls."

I'm sorry, what??? How on earth did Jack get an idea like that? Especially since his very own mother (who happens to be a girl) has pretty much been a boss his entire life? (Though in his defense, we never actually used the word "boss" at the bookstore.)

Needless to say, we had a good little conversation.

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