Monday, March 31, 2014

Mom Points

I get major mom points for spending three hours in a car with three teenage boys this afternoon.

Took cans to the recycling place to help raise cash.

Spent a crazy long time at an understaffed McDonald's where the boys ordered the Pony Pal happy meals. (May I say how proud I am that they were secure enough in their soon-to-be-manhood to order the girl happy meals?) (And may I say how shortsighted it was of McDonald's to assign a gender to the Pony Pal happy meals? Haven't they heard of Bronies?) (And may I say how sad it is that in 2014, boys are still shamed for liking something that is "supposed to be for girls"?)

Stopped at Deseret Industries (a local thrift store) where the boys looked for trench coats. No luck. Then went to Savers (another local thrift store). Pay dirt. Jack nabbed a basically brand new Christian Dior trench coat for $17.99. One step closer to being Dr. Who, he is.

Seriously, major mom points.

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Uncle John said...

I can remember, back in Jr. High, three or four of us got one of our Mom's to drive us down to a "questionable" area of Stamford, CT to buy 3/4 length sleeve pull-over shirts in crazy colored patterns. I can't believe we actually wore them in school but that was the current fad. Thank God it only lasted a few months and the shirts were dirt cheep. LOL