Sunday, May 04, 2014

It Got Complicated So Fast

Five things I need to work out now that I have to wear reading glasses:

  • How to make sure I have a pair handy whenever I need them. Somehow they all end up in one place (on my nightstand, in my purse, on my desk, in the car) and that one place inevitably ends up being the place where I am not.
  • How to stop putting my sunglasses halfway down my nose when I put them on. That totally defeats the purpose of wearing them.
  • How to make sure I've actually got my sunglasses with me when I'm out and about. It no longer works to simply reach into my bag to feel around for a pair of glasses before I go. I must now actually grab them and pull them out to make sure they are sunglasses. I have inconveniently discovered multiple times that I have two or more pairs of reading glasses in my bag and no sunglasses at all.
  • How to still be the same person I have always been when I am peering over my reading glasses at my students or at someone across the table in a meeting. All that peering makes me seem much more serious than I actually am. (A corollary: How to stop apologizing for peering over my glasses at people.)
  • How to avoid being seen in public when I am wearing my regular glasses instead of contact lenses, then wearing my sunglasses on top of them because I am driving, then wearing my reading glasses on top of them because I have pulled over to the side of the road to read a text message on my phone. This happens on a semi-regular basis when I take Jack to school in the morning. Actually, maybe the fact that I am often still in my pajamas when I take Jack to school is a more important reason to avoid being seen in public than wearing three pairs of glasses at once. And that's why I'm always sure to have my phone with me: in case I need to call Roger if I get stranded somewhere and can't get out of the car to find help on my own.


Unknown said...

WalMart has 'bifocal' sunglasses; sunglasses with reading glasses built in. Over in the pharmacy! Also, I leave a pair on my desk, so no matter what, I can always see my computer.

Denise said...

I highly recommend the monovision contact solution. Love the lesson of being able to see distant but not near, as we age.