Monday, May 12, 2014


When we were renovating our building for our bookstore, we had to hire an architect to draw up plans to meet building code requirements. At one point he told us that we'd need a mirror for the bathroom above the sink. We told him we were all set, because we'd already found this fabulous mirror at the Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake.

The artist who made it called it "Peeping Toms." Every bookstore needs cats, right? 

The architect just stared at us. "Why would you spend more money on a mirror than you need to? You could have met code with something really inexpensive," he said.

We stared back at him. "Why did you become an architect if you have so little imagination?" we thought to ourselves.

Sure, it wasn't practical.

Practical can be overrated. Especially if it sucks the life right out of us.


Melissa said...

I am about the most practical person I know, and I have to have some whimsy around or life goes flat. I love your mirror! Where does it hang since you left The Read Leaf?

Margy said...

It's hanging in our front entry way at home :)

shelley said...

This is something I just love about you and Roger! Practicality is SO over rated!