Saturday, May 03, 2014

Drinks Anyone?

Even though we had to drive there in our car with a roof, we had a nice family outing to try a new place for treats. One of Roger's colleagues and his wife recently opened a place called Sip-N Spot in Payson, wisely located right by the high school and junior high.

It's a new trend here in the valley, where the predominant culture doesn't have a habit of hanging out in coffee shops and bars: A place for special drinks like Italian cream sodas and Cokes spiked with coconut or lime and snacks like pastries and onion rings. With couches for lounging.

Roger had an orange soda float, I had a peach-pear-apricot smoothie, and Jack had a Fresca spiked with strawberry, vanilla and cream.

I think we need a place like this in Springville. Anyone up for opening one?

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misssrobin said...

Not up for opening one, but I would frequent one. I'll be giving the one you reviewed a try very soon. Thanks!