Saturday, February 01, 2014

Let's Not

I didn't know the Utah County Sheriff's deputy who was killed in the line of duty a few days ago, but I'm thinking about going to his funeral this week. I'd like to show my support for his family and his fellow law enforcement officers.

Jack and I were talking about this tragedy as the news unfolded. The officer had stopped to help someone by the side of the road and they shot him.

"When this kind of thing happens," I told Jack, "No matter how rare it is, it has a chilling effect on our society. We lose trust in the goodness of others. Of course, we have to have our wits about us, but we can't stop helping people when they are in need."

What I didn't tell Jack was just how little trust we have in one another these days. How often we assume the worst of people. We don't have much more to lose.

Fear and suspicion will destroy us if we let it. Please, let's not.

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