Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All Are Alike

I bought extra tickets for the play I went to see tonight, thinking I'd get a group together. I Am Jane. The story of Jane Elizabeth Manning James, a woman of color who joined the Mormons in the early days before the pioneers crossed the plains. Everyone who thought they might use the extra tickets I bought couldn't go.

It is just as well.

It's an important play that I hope many people see. But even though it was, in the end, meant to be faith affirming after looking squarely at impossibly hard things, and even though I've long since known the basic story, I was so angry by the end of it I could barely breathe. I could barely breathe all the way home.

It was good I was alone.

God forgive us for all of the unjust things we have done and continue to do in his name.

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