Thursday, February 20, 2014

Better Than Okay

Roger, Jack, and I spent the afternoon in the junior high school gym meeting with all of Jack's teachers for parent teacher conferences. I have mentioned this at other times and other places, but thought I would put it in the record here that I am so impressed with all of them.

They know Jack, they love the subjects they teach, they are very pleasant and professional. As we left I asked Jack if they are the same way in the classroom and he said yes.

When Jack was younger, I used to come up with schemes to get him out of school during his junior high years. Let's buy an RV and homeschool on the road! Or let's get one of those round-the-world airline tickets and give him some global perspective! Or let's buy a boat and navigate the intercoastal waterways! Surely the internet will provide everything we need!

When it became evident that Jack would be an only child, those dreams fell by the wayside. Can you imagine how tortuous it would be to have to put up with your parents that long without siblings for respite?

But it turns out that junior high has actually been okay for Jack. Great teachers, good friends, playing saxophone with the band and singing in the choir.

It's actually been better than okay.

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