Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Tonight we went to a concert to root for a friend of mine who plays in a band that was competing with seven other bands to perform at the Stadium of Fire concert on July 4th. They did an excellent job, but the competition was fierce.

I am always so amazed by good musicians, and I love, love, love live performances.

For years at our bookstore we were lucky enough to have live music on Friday nights during the fall and winter, and during special events like our summer Harry Potter release parties. 

Over the years, we had so many fabulous singer/songwriters, bands (one a rock band with 20 amplifiers!), jam sessions with jazz musicians, open mic nights, Christmas concerts, and even a drum circle. Some of the most magical nights happened when several musicians were booked to share the same evening and ended up improvising with one another. We even collaborated with some of them to record their performances live, and we selected songs for a Live at the Read Leaf CD, a favorite treasure from that time in our lives.

I can't even begin to thank them all enough for helping us take our bookstore adventure to a whole new level. It was awesome!

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misssrobin said...

I love reading about your time with the bookstore. Your posts about that time just radiate joy.