Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting in Touch with Nature

Tonight we celebrated the Summer Solstice with friends and neighbors, toasting marshmallows over the burning embers of our Christmas tree. We were spirited, but not skyclad. We are only the fringiest of pagans.

So I may not be inclined to dance around a fire without anything on (especially in a suburban back yard), but swimming that way? Count me in. Many happy memories of that over the years.
(No photos available.)

When I was a summer camp counselor in Maine, we used to organize skinny dips on really hot, hot days. The girls would line up along the shoreline and run in together, dropping their towels into the water at the very last minute.

They could also go skinny dipping on their own early in the morning before breakfast as long as they woke up one of the lifeguards to go with them. It was usually me because I was in the cabin closest to the water front. 

The girls were required to wear a white swimming cap in the lake so that if they sunk to the bottom we'd be able to see them to fish them out. But when they were skinny dipping, the swim cap rule was suspended.

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misssrobin said...

I will eventually come to the summer solstice party, but I will have to pass on any future skinny dipping adventures. I'm a fan of clothing.