Monday, April 21, 2014


Once again, all of the things I can think to write about are all too much to tackle at this late hour. So I'm going to go check Facebook and then write something about the first thing that pops up on my feed. 

Here goes . . .

And I am in luck! My friend posted a picture of her husband doing a little whale watching on a recent trip they took to California. 

First, I am envious. 

Second, it reminds me of the time Roger, my sister Maryann, and I went whale watching in the middle of nowhere in Baja California about 20 years ago. We were in a tiny little fishing boat and the whales were gigantic. Perhaps we are lucky to be alive.

Third, I am excited to be in the market for airplane tickets to take Jack to visit my sister Maryann in Mexico when school lets out. We may go to the coast while we're there. I don't think we'll see whales that time of year, but perhaps we'll see dolphins?

Okay, I'm less envious now. It's good to remember I'm living a life, too.

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