Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Brain Dump

Spent much of the day neck deep in my students' research projects, grading annotated bibliographies and holding consultations. Maybe if I list all the topics here, I can clear my mind for a while and think about something else.

  • Main stream medical establishment acceptance of chiropractics
  • Controlling emotions for peak athletic performance
  • Encouraging responsible gun ownership without compromising second amendment rights
  • Concealed weapons permits
  • Ban on assault weapons
  • (Yes, I have a record three students writing about guns)
  • Brain death and life support
  • Requiring U.S. students to study languages other than English
  • Stem cell research
  • Ayn Rand's theories of Egoism and Objectivism
  • Influence of media on self-perception, particularly in men
  • K-12 teacher tenure
  • Child rearing by same-sex parents
  • Censorship of books in schools
  • Parental rights and the role of the state in protecting the rights of children
  • Title IX and college sports
  • Influence of video games
  • Steroids and baseball
  • Arranged marriages 
  • Art as a viable career choice
  • Free tuition for higher education

There. My brain is empty until their next assignment is due.

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