Monday, October 08, 2012

The Gospel Truth

Many years ago while visiting my grandparents, we attended church in New Canaan, Connecticut. Someone had invited a member of the church from another congregation to sing during the service. She was an exuberant African American woman who played the piano from one end of the keyboard to the other as she joyously praised God in song.

It was one of the loveliest experiences I have ever had in church, and I was thrilled that we'd broken out of our usual staid reverence in favor of some heartfelt revering.

While she was singing, I glanced at the church leaders sitting on the stand. One was beaming; the other was mortified. A perfect illustration of ambivalence in our culture.

As for me? I seek truth wherever it is found.

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Linda said...

Oh I would love to have heard that! My high school boyfriend played his trombone in church once....My daughter calls me a born again Mormon because I like to listen to K-Love radio. Their music is just so uplifting! Okay, so they don't always get the doctrine right, but the rhythms and melodies are great. I always wake up with one of their songs playing in my head.