Thursday, October 04, 2012

Luring Them In

This is a picture of our friend Amy, taken by her husband Justin. He currently has a photography exhibit in the library at BYU (30 Strangers). We went to the artist's reception tonight, and enjoyed listening to Amy read an essay that she wrote. (I will be begging her to send me a copy of it because it was really very good.)

We met Amy when she became a customer at our bookstore. We decided that we liked her an awful lot, so when we had a job opening, we asked her if she'd like to work with us. She said yes. Lucky, lucky us.

That's usually how we found people to hire. We'd like them, target them, then lure them in. We had many truly awesome employees friends over the years.

The person we had to wait for the longest before luring in was Shelley, pictured here with her family's dog Walter. Her mom was one of our very first customers, and when we opened I think Shelley was just a freshman in high school. As soon as she graduated, we snagged her. Totally worth the wait.


Kazzy said...

Amy Hackworth? I admire them from afar.

Margy said...

Yes! That Amy (

shelley said...

Aww! Thanks, Margy. My memories from The Read Leaf are cherished. So many of the experiences I had there influenced me in big ways, especially spending time with you and Roger!

misssrobin said...

But this is different from being a body snatcher, right? More noble.

Amy said...

Margy, this is so fun to hear from your perspective because in my version I out and out begged you for a job. I loved The Read Leaf so much, and am still, all these years later, utterly flattered to think you WANTED me to work there!!

Thanks so much for coming on Thursday night! I love to see you!