Sunday, October 07, 2012

About Bob

Roger's dad passed away late this afternoon. It wasn't unexpected, but it still feels like it happened too soon. Bob was a great father to Roger, a great father-in-law to me, and especially a great grandpa for Jack. A good, good man.

One of my favorite things about Bob was his curiosity about the world, which led to his chosen profession: he was a geography professor. I loved hearing family stories about living in far-flung places like Guatemala and Spain, exploring industrial sites, and being quizzed on what was growing in nearby fields as they sped past them in the car. Talk about an awesome family to marry into!

I also loved Bob's sense of humor, his broad grin and his gleeful laugh. He enjoyed wordplay, and in his last years, he recorded many of the little ditties he wrote, like this one:

I had my physical exam
So they could tell me how I am.
I have no get, no up, no go.
I once was fast but now I'm slow.
The doctor turned and said to me,
"There is no problem that I see.
Your trouble is you're eighty-three."
If that's the problem, I've the cure.
Next month I'll be eighty-four.

Rest in peace, Bob. We sure love you!

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