Saturday, July 28, 2012

Plugged In

I learned yesterday that my Grandma Jan used to go down to Uncle Joe's cottage to watch the news every night (our branch of the family put off having a TV in our cottage for as long as possible). Uncle Joe and my grandmother had very different political views and she apparently exasperated him to no end.

Grandma finally got a TV for our cottage (maybe Uncle Joe had had enough?). She loved staying up on current events. 

Roger and I were lucky enough to spend an entire summer at the lake in 1996, and our being here meant that Grandma--who was too old to be here on her own--could stay as well.

It was all fine and good until we realized she intended to watch every single minute of both the Republican and Democratic conventions. At full volume because she couldn't hear very well. And with her bare feet propped up in front of a fan because it was so hot.

It's sort of nice that the TV in our cottage doesn't work anymore. Of course, now we have wireless Internet . . .

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