Thursday, January 16, 2014

Raising the Bar

Tonight at the ongoing "So You Want To Read" series at our local library, we hosted a BYU visiting lecturer who talked about the genesis and progression of classic detective fiction. She did an excellent job, but one of her friends set a new standard for the series. She made party favor "Evidence Bags" to hand out, stamped--not even ironically--with a detective's mustache.

    Inside the bags:
    • A little red notebook with a fortune cookie and a tag that reads "Red - In honor of the Chinese New Year - Brings good luck - Thus, it is elementary a great detective elude the misfortune of bad luck."
    • A couple of gumballs with a tag that reads "What kind of gumshoe are you anyway?"
    • A little bag full of Swedish fish with a tag that reads "This is fishy!"
    • A bag with black and white candy with a tag that reads "It's not always black and white."
    • A little bag full of cashews with a tag that reads "Our thief may be crazy! You know . . . nuts!"

    Bless the people who are not Pinterest impaired!

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