Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rising Moon, Rising Star

I am especially excited to report that Roger and I had a completely out of the ordinary evening. We headed to the Castle Amphitheater on the grounds of the Utah State Hospital in Provo to see a new play written by our niece's husband, Mahonri Stewart called The Opposing Wheel.

I have lived in the Provo area for almost all of the last 30 years and have never been to the amphitheater. I'd heard of it, but had no idea it was so cool!

We got there just before the play started and it was getting dark, so it was tough to get any pictures of the place, which was built as a WPA project in the 1930s. Here's a shot of our view, with the lights in the valley below.

I wish I could have gotten a shot of the nearly full moon peeking out of the clouds behind us as it rose above the mountain top. It was magical, just like Mahonri's play. Literally. Magical spells and all. What a thought provoking, crazy mix of characters from Camelot, minions of the devil, a lovely pagan trapped in a tower, and a Mormon (who, in what may be an homage to the Book of Mormon musical on Broadway, went on his church mission to Ghana).

From the director: "I'm going to be honest--the first time I read the script I thought 'What was Mahonri thinking?' . . . But nothing turns out the way you expect. It's pretty difficult to figure out who the real heroes are because everyone has goodness and everyone has flaws. It's a whole new reality that isn't so hard to believe if you allow yourself to consider the possibilities. And even if you don't, it's still an amusing, touching, modern fairy tale." With a nice feminist twist, I might add.

Keep your eyes on this Mahonri Stewart, people. He's got a fabulous start on a big, big life!


Mahonri said...

Thanks so much, Margy! Lovely thoughts!
The Ghana connection actually had nothing to do with _The Book of Mormon Musical_ (I wrote this long before that came out). Just an interesting coincidence based on the fact that I think going to Africa would have been awesome.

Kyle Brunner said...

Great piece of work, Mahonri. We enjoyed it too. The actors did a good job.

How were your seats, Margy? Did you bring your own cusions? We were glad to have a couple of spare car blankets to sit on.