Sunday, June 07, 2015

Book #23: The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry

Because I don't have enough books, Roger brought this home as a present for me this week. I found it fun, joyful, charming, jaunty. Just like the blurbs said it was. A good start to summer, when I tend to read more fiction.

The main character owns a bookstore on an island off the coast of my home state of Massachusetts. He becomes a parent when he adopts a child, who grows up to love books, too.

Four favorite story lines in my life right there.

Then there is a character who is a teacher. A character in law enforcement. A character who wants to write. A character who retired from the computer industry. More and more mirrors reflecting bits of my own crazy, crooked path.

And then this, from near the end, "We are not quite novels. . . We are not quite short stories. . . In the end, we are collected works."

Maybe remember that line for my obituary some day. But not until after I've added a few more plot twists, k?

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