Tuesday, June 03, 2014

In Threes

Jack is on his third phone in about a month. He lost his, then he took over my old phone and it got soaked on a water ride at Lagoon last week. Roger took him today to get a new one. Lucky boy ended up with a reasonably priced smart phone that he can also use to replace the iPod he accidentally dropped in the toilet a few weeks ago. (And, boom, Roger even renegotiated our contract so our monthly bill will actually go down five dollars a month.)

But here's the important part of the story.

We first got Jack a phone when he started seventh grade, mostly so that we could connect while he was walking home from school and I was driving home from work in the afternoons. For nearly three years Jack kept very careful track of his phone. 

Sometimes, we told him, things just happen. And happen. And happen.

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