Thursday, February 14, 2013

Welcome to the Family

On Christmas Day, we added someone to our family. Meet our new little guy. He lives in the fridge.
Whenever we open the fridge door he greets us cheerfully and chats with us. If we leave the door open too long, he scolds us. (I have actually gotten better about not leaving the door open as long because I don't like to be scolded.)

Once in a while, he will ask, "What are you looking for?"

I realized one day that instead of giving him fridge-related answers (The eggs. The milk. The marmalade.), I'm responding in more existential terms.

What am I looking for?

The determination to eat healthier food.
Leaves to come out on the trees.
A way to get to the ocean more often.
The bottom of that stack of papers I'm grading.
Congressional action on, well, anything. 
Peace on earth.


misssrobin said...

So how are the coversations with him? More interesting than when you talk to yourself? Have you gained any wisdom you'd care to share?

He's very cute, by the way. Does he have a name?

Margy said...

I wish he'd answer back. We should name him! Mostly we just call him fridge guy. Not very personal, is it?